Clubs & Societies

For Sunwayians to navigate clubs and societies in Sunway University & College

Join a Club/Society

Fill up the Google Form here to join a club or society !Note:
The google form will open again on the next C&S Carnival, Stay Tuned!!
If you're interested to join any Clubs and Societies do drop them a message on their social media platform!


1. How many clubs can I join?
As many as you’d like!
2. If I don’t sign up for any clubs during the Carnival, can I sign up in the future?
It depends on the club: some clubs take in new members all year, and some clubs have specific recruitment periods. Recommend approaching the club you’re interested in to find out more.
3. How often does the Carnival take place?
It happens every major semester, usually 3 times a year
January-February, April-May, August-September
4. Are all Sunway clubs and societies on display at the Carnival?
No, due to venue capacity and the clubs’ own preferences, some are not on display. You can find the complete list of clubs and societies at > Home Page > Clubs and Societies List
5. I’d like to get in touch with a club that doesn’t seem to be at the Carnival. Where can I contact them?
The contact details of all clubs and societies can be found at > Home Page > Clubs and Societies List
6. Is it free to join a club?
Do make enquiries to the respective club that you wish to join.
7. Can I start my own club?
Yes, you may refer to the clubs & societies handbook for more information on the procedure to start a new club, link of hanbook provided below:,
Clubs & Societies Handbook
8. I have a question about sports clubs. Who do I contact?
All contact links can be found at
OR drop an email to [email protected]
9. I have a question about clubs & societies and extracurricular activities in general. Who do I contact?
All contacts can be found on
-- Do check out the contacts below --
10. I need help to navigate the C&S Carnival, what should I do?
Do visit the Info Booth at the entrance of the venue for guidance